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Ghanaian. Contemporary African/Abstract art. Feminism. Blackness. Formerly palmofmyhands.

"If any man has any poetry in him he should paint it" -Dante Gabriel Rosetti
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" Parures Africaines" | © of Denise Poulme & Jacques Brosse

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I stood in the tram today and a little biracial girl come up to me, stared at my bantu knots, my face, and then said: “Ich wurde hier geboren”. I was born here. Few words, but they broke my heart. Because I knew what they meant. You remind me of my blackness. But I am not a foreigner like you, I have legitimacy because I was born here. I suspect her dad is african. But this girl was distancing herself from it, because in this country africans are largely regarded as unwanted, uninvited, pollution. ausländer. foreigner. It’s always a pejorative. As I walked away, I felt somehow like I had abandoned her. What could I tell the child? I couldn’t be in her life to teach her how to survive white supremacy. What kind of alienation in school, on the playground, in the stares from adults, must she have already experienced? In her few years of upbringing, she had already learned to split herself and make whiteness the center of her being in order to just be. 

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Model at ‘Chale Wote Street Art Festival’ ⎪ Jamestown - Accra, Ghana 

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