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"If any man has any poetry in him he should paint it" -Dante Gabriel Rosetti
September 23rd 2014 4 notes

Barney Ellaga (b.1941) Lulgu Lulgu

September 22nd 2014 5 notes
Artist: Menelik Wèsnatchèw
Title: Tezeta

(Source: theconqueringlion)

#ballad #classical #ethiopian #music
September 21st 2014 31 notes

love her.

September 21st 2014 28 notes
“They haven’t colonized Mars yet
And the moon is barren
So carry your children
Your memories
And follow me
We can live in the books of history
They’ll write about us…
“The wicked Bedouins
Landed in Baghdad
They landed in Yafa
They landed in Grenada
Then they moved on
They packed their belongings
And rode on their camels
They didn’t leave their print on the red clay
And all their artifacts
Were faded
With the passing of the years” — Extract from Gazan writer and poet Abdul Karim Sabawi’s free e-book, Blood for Freedom, the first volume where his poems have been translated into English. (via Electronic Intifada)

(Source: artblackafrica)

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